Exploring an interface design tool from the late 1980s which silently revolutionized the industry forever since.

Recently I was going through some early implementations of current operating systems to familiarize myself with the evolution of GUI mechanics over time. One particular thing that caught my eye was the “InterfaceBuilder.app from the NeXTStep OS which was created by NeXT in the late 1980s. It was an era where the human-computer interaction was heavily driven by Command-Line interfaces and some earlier iterations of current Windows OSs like Windows 3.0.

Here I managed to deploy a running snapshot of the NeXTStep OS (runs through OpenStep API) on a VirtualBox even though it was based on a (virtual) Floppy. …

Debunking myths about a myth.

There’re at least 4–5 articles every day appear on my social feeds where some random ‘designers’ talk about color theory. How do you talk that much about something that does not exist?!

Okay, calm your horses. First of all ‘color’ is a perception, furthermore a conceptual perception. We perceive it through our sensory organs. Just like something we taste, or the pain of a headache. If we can theorize color, then we should be able to theorize ‘taste’ too. Where is the ‘sugar theory’?

Disclaimer: This is neither another article on ‘how to find a…

“Hey Siri, What’s the time?” — isn’t this bit old fashioned?

Of course, it is history now. Since we’re living in a digitally evolved era, now it is a connected world, more, a connected house, more, it is even a connected kitchen. All the tools, instruments, vehicles and things we use on the daily basis are now talking to each other. Yes, they actively communicate.

So the idea of the Pervasive computing is embedding the computational capability into the everyday objects to make them effectively communicate and perform useful tasks in a way that minimizes the user’s need to interact…

Apple is more than a tech company; it became a culture unto itself, a passion of most of people and the birthplace of the world’s most revolutionized products.

So let’s get into the topic. Is Apple actually a design company? Well, answer to that very cloudy questions is, technically ‘No’. So is it? is that all?.. Nope. But indirectly ‘Yes”, of course apple is one pioneering design mastermind. Then how does it be? how does this tech product selling company became a design mastermind?. So that’s worth a shot to dig in.

Apple’s philosophy

It is truly remarkable (in Jony Ive’s voice…

Lahesh Kavinda

HCI & Design

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